Our Story

Marzone Customs was created on the shared passion of entrepreneurship between Louis Marrone and Cam Mazzone. Friends since grade school, These two always talked about their dreams to one day own a company. Their friendship actually was the reason the company is named Marzone Customs. They decided to combine their last names together and form Marzone.

The production of furniture started when Louis’ mother was looking to add a table to their back patio. The team got together and produced their first table, a 10-foot rustic farmhouse table, thus bringing Mrs. Marrone’s vision to life!. The Marrone family loves to entertain and was able to show off their new table to friends and family. More and more people were impressed by the craftsmanship of the table and so Louis decided this was going to be the beginning of something great- Marzone Customs.

When you choose Marzone Customs, these are some of the things you can be proud of:

Supporting a Small Business

Marzone Customs is based out of Cleveland Ohio.  We are a small company and all of our products have some sort of hands on requirement to make them a reality. We appreciate all the support we see on a day to day basis, its awesome to see the backing that small businesses have in Ohio! 

Showing Your Ohio Pride

Being that we are based out of Cleveland Ohio, we have great pride in our home town and that is proven through much our our Ohio themed products.  Some of these products include Wall hanging Ohio Signs and Ohio themed coasters, ornaments, and key chains.   

Owning a Great Quality Product

We also are very proud to bring our customers high quality products. From our refinishing jobs to our custom engraving, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied you chose Marzone Customs.   

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