Marzone Customs

Handcrafted Excellence that Unites Family and Friends

Why Marzone Customs?

Custom Builds

Marzone Customs is determined to bring any idea you have for a piece to fruition. Whether you have a picture to be duplicated or just a simple idea, we will work with you to ensure it is perfect.

3D Printing

Similar to laser engraving, the possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D printing. Toys, ornaments, cool gadgets and much more are all possible with the ability to 3D print.

Laser Engraving

MCD is able to provide you with hundreds of different laser engravable objects to choose to make any occasion special. From wedding party favors, to keychains, wine glasses and more, Marzone Customs can deliver.


Whether you are hoping to give your old set a new look, your new set a different look or anything in between, we can help rejuvenate your pieces to bring new life to your home.

Our Mission

We strive to not only create furniture, but to also create amazing memories through our work.  We want to inspire others to take the time to enjoy and appreciate what life is all about, being with the ones that matter the most.  We want to bring family and friends together while turning houses into homes. 

Meet Our Team

These are the people that make it all happen. A perfect combination of creativity, hard work, and determination.   

Louis Marrone

Louis Marrone, Founder and CEO of Marzone Customs, is currently a Mechanical Engineering major at Otterbein University.  Louis’ hard working mentality as well as his dedication to keep the company moving forward, sets him apart from others.  He is constantly striving for innovative ways to bring the best to our customers.  

Richard Marrone

Rich is our COO and also happens to be the father of our Founder and CEO. He oversees all operations.  Once you have met Rich, it comes as no surprise who Louis got is hard working mentality from.  With over 20 years of outside sales experience, Rich brings invaluable knowledge to the table when it comes to working with customers as well as problem solving.  He is a jack of all trades and provides support and guidance wherever it is needed. 

Cameron Mazzone

Cameron, CMO, is currently a student at Ohio Wesleyan University studying Business Administration.  Cam prides himself on developing a strong relationship with the customer to ensure that a great experience is provided.  He also works nonstop to find different ways to add to the Marzone Customs social media presence.  

Phone: (440) 292-5018


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